Tuesday, February 14, 2012

all about him..

Out of all the souls in this world
he's the one
and my heart he has controlled
he doesn't even know
how much of this I hold
deep within my heart of gold
he's reckless
and cold
that's the way he has been shown.

My nights are filled with dreams of him
my days as well
he even makes me sing
how I know that this is true
there's no one in this world I want but you
perhaps that's me
but true love waits conquers and knows no boundary's
patience is the key
and when you come to me
I'll hold you
love you
support you
never set you free

a love like this is only ours
I've loved before
that lasted only hours
its been years in
I still feel like your my king
my heart is open for you
when your ready
to be more than my friend
you'll see how deep it runs like the ocean
never ends.

demam rindu u..;(

hari ni bgn pagi2 terus rasa dahi..erm demam lg makin panas plak tu then x psl2 menangis tibe2..i miss u dear;(..cmne nk balik kg klu still badan panas lagi cmni..kt luar tu mst lg panas kn..nk balik malam tkt nk gerak kuar sorg2..dat time terus teringtkn mama..i promise her nk balik arini..sory mama i cant make it by today..but i really miss u so much lbh2 lg bla dlm keadaan cmni..i miss u too dear..u senyap je lagi la i rindu u..mybe i demam ni pn sbb rindukn u..i never stop thinking bout u syg..everyday..every minutes n every seconds..klu la i boleh transfer sumer rindu i pd u mybe i xkn jd seteruk ni..;(i miss u my bucuk;(


adanya sy harini coz of them

lovely sibling;)

lovely sibling;)
part of my life