Friday, July 9, 2010

miss u so much...

why i stil cant forget him...miss him so much rite now..GOD plz help me..smp skg aku still xde kekuatan lg..da hmpir 2 bln i have to face it again like past three years???its really hurt me rite now..i cant keep on pretending nothing happen to me...that feeling gonna make me crazy..make me down...down..down..down...:(

Friday, July 2, 2010

....miss u so much..:(

This is something that has never happened to me….This is something new and wonderful..

I never experienced this feeling before. I know you have, with someone else.

It makes me think, will you move on as fast, or will you make this one last.
The first time I saw you, I knew there was something, something

So you feel it too?

…When I hold your hand, look into your eyes or whisper something

sweet in your ear? Or will everything change in a week or two?

Will there be someone else or will we just fight to the end?

What will happen if it’s over? Will we still be friends?

I never expected that it will happen so soon. It came out of the blue.

You were always so sweet and nice, you still are, but am I imagining it, or is it an act.

I think its love or is it something else??

Do you feel the same?

I love you and I miss you, when you’re gone. I see you in my dreams, I think about you every second.

You say you feel the same, but when some one else looks at me in certain way, you just leave it. You don’t say or do any thing about it!

You can see it hurts me, it makes me think what happened to us?

 my lovely small eyes...

Semenjak kau hadir dalam hidupku Tiada lagi keresahan Kau mengetuk pintu hatiku Tanpa sedar hingga ku izinkan Kau yang bernama cinta Kau yang memberi rasa Kau yang ilhamkan bahagia Hingga aku terasa indah Maaf jikaku tidak sempurna Tika bahagia mula menjelma Bila keyakinan datang merasa Kasih disalut dengan kejujuran Mencintai dirimu Merindui dirimu Memiliki dirimu Hingga akhir hayat bersama kamu Kau yang bernama cinta Kau yang memberi rasa Kau yang ilhamkan bahagia Hingga aku terasa indah Kau yang bernama cinta Hingga aku rasa indah

thanx dear pernah wt i rs bhgia sgt2 even we"re not meant matter what i promose i will always love u...n im still waiting for you to be by my side again..:(

love u small eyes....


adanya sy harini coz of them

lovely sibling;)

lovely sibling;)
part of my life