Sunday, November 27, 2011

loneliness make me sorrow

how many times i've sat n cried  for u then pretend to be happy wit my fake smiles to mY housemate

how much im wishing u would be here accompany me when i really need u..

its hurts me so much waiting for ur call n msg everydays when i wake up n everynite b4 i go for sleep..

u taught me how to love again,to miss sumone deeply,but u never teach me how to let go everything easily;(

lastly 143...this 3 words always wit me until u say sumthing that im waiting for since before;(


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy besday syg:(

happy besday F..happy besday to u..i do waiting for u:(each year i never forget the date 30 october n i know everytime on ur besday i akn nangis..i rs sayu setiap kli tiba besday u..i do love u so one knows my one know how dat feelings hurt me so much..again happy besday syg..n tq  u sudi lg jmpa i aritu..spend time dgn i even skjp je..i do apreciate it..if ditakdirkn kita x  dpt jmp lgi pn i dh sedia utk semuanya..take care syg..pray for ur happines..


adanya sy harini coz of them

lovely sibling;)

lovely sibling;)
part of my life